Monday, August 31, 2009

Newark Airport Lost Baggage - Welcome To America

My flight was recently delayed 4 hours at the Newark airport. With nothing better to do I hopped on the monorail and traveled from concourse to concourse. Stepping into one car I saw a small back pack with no one around. I picked up the package, stepped backward off the mono rail and gave it to an airport employee with a red blazer. He said I should not have touched the item because it could be a bomb. However, now that I removed it he could take it from me. The employee telephoned around the terminal and within 30 seconds a traveler was reporting the lost item. I waited about 1/2 hour before a couple raced up the stairs to claim the pack. The youngsters were from Milan Italy and when they opened to latch out fell Euros, credit cards and passports. They tried to pay me however I make so much money in the travel business I decline (Ha).

As the couple was exiting the platform the man in the red blazer said "Welcome to America".

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  1. Nice! Perish the thought you should trade places with those travelers in Roma. HAHA. Haven't been to Milano, so I cannot speak to it...thievery-wise.