Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Tauck Tour Difference

The world has no shortage of escorted tour operators. Amongst the giants of the industry, titans like Globus, Trafalgar and Insight, there are smaller, more deluxe based touring companies like Tauck that specialize in travel that is both more luxorious.

Of course, there are reasons why some would choose not to partake in a Tauck tour. For most travelers, cost is the biggest factor. This added luxury comes at a rather steep price. But the crux is this: is this steeper price worth the cost?

Absolutely! Tauck's value (especially for Scandinavia) is unmatched by any other operator. Although they are marginally more expensive than Globus, Trafalgar and Insight, the bang for your buck is much better. Let's explicate this issue further to highlight this point.

As of now, Tauck's premier Scandinavian tour cost's approximately $5,500 per person; Globus's costs approximately 3300 per person. That seems like a steep price difference at first, but it isn't when put everything into an appropiate context.

First of all, neither of these two prices include airfare. But this fact, ironically, works in favor of Tauck moreso than Globus. Currently on flights going from the US to Europe, Tauck is offering a price of $1100 per person. The closest offer that Globus has to rebuke Tauck's is over five-hundred dollars more expensive per person.

Another fact about Globus vacations is that they hide a lot of their itinerary under the cloak of optional activities, which Tauck doesn't do. If you add in all of the optionals to the price of the vacation, you increase the amount by $600 per person.

The third factor is that Tauck treats you to far more lunches and dinner than Globus would. If you combine all of the secondary meals into the going price, you'd increase the amount again to somewhere between $200-$400 per person.

If you add in all of these differential costs, the REAL cost comparison between the two companies is much less exaggerated. Tauck's tour cost $5500 while Globus's cost $4700. Yes, Tauck is still the more expensive of the two brands, but this is were the Tauck difference comes into play.

Tauck's itinerary is vastly superior to Globus's. To start with, Tauck takes you too the biggest and most spectacular fjord in the world: the Geirangerfjord. Globus doesn't. Tauck takes you to the heart of the Briksdal Glacier; Globus doesn't do that either. Tauck takes you to the Sofeiro Slott, one of the prettiest Swedish manors in all of Sweden. Globus doesn't do that either. There is virtually nothing that Globus does that Tauck doesn't do more intensively. That isn't even mentioning that Globus has almost quadruple the amount of days were you are seeing almost nothing of interest.

Then there is the hotels. The difference in the price of the hotel is $2000 per person, which in and of itself makes Tauck the better deal.

Tauck's menus at dinner are a la carte, instead of the fixed menu Globus demands. You get to choose what you want to eat. 

And there you have it. Why Tauck is the best bet when going to Scandinavia.


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